Since our launch in September 2020 we have produced 3 critically-acclaimed operas (The Sunday Times, Opera Magazine, ★★★★ Bachtrack, ★★★★ The Stage, “Newcomer of the year” Opera Now), multi-disciplinary projects (London/The Vache), 1 international tour, 25 in-school workshops, 2 young artist programmes for emerging singers, and 7 community workshops in collaboration with Wycombe Refugee Partnership and the Wycombe Arts Centre.

We have ambitious plans to grow both our live events and our education and outreach programmes. As a charity, all of our income goes straight back into our activities, so the more funding we have, the more work we can do. If you are in the position to support us, please do consider joining our VBFriends scheme.


Artistic Director & Co-Founder
Jonathan Darbourne

Exec Director & Co-Founder
Betty Makharinsky

General Manager
Paula Price-Davies

Administration & Comms
Hattie Hopkin
Ruth Silver

Event Production
Daniel Makharinsky


Chair of Trustees
Jeremy Lewison

John Abramson
Louis Balogun
Stephen Box

Rebecca O’Neill
Heather Wakefield

Board Observer
Henry Johnson-King


Appearing in the Domesday accounts under the name ‘Vacca’, the beautiful Vache house and grounds in Buckinghamshire has enjoyed a rich history. George Fleetwood, who lived there from 1628-1660, is most famous for acting as one of the regicides for King Charles I, and on the restoration of Charles II was sentenced to death. The Vache was consequently confiscated and given to the then Duke of York, the future King James II.

The estate was later owned by Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser, a naval officer who was a close friend of fellow officer and explorer James Cook. On Cook’s death, Palliser erected a monument to his memory within the grounds and it stands to this day, offering a wonderful view of the surrounding woodland to all visitors.