One of our key motivations for creating Vache Baroque was to open up access to Baroque music and drama to everyone, especially to young people who might not have experienced it before. We work hard to make sure our events and projects are accessible to everyone, from the way we price our tickets to the way we talk about what we do.

Supporting our work doesn’t need to involve vast sums of money – we value every single donation we receive, whatever its size. For example several of our U35 supporters give us £5 per month or £10 per month and enjoy lots of opportunities to become more involved in our work.

We work hard to make sure that supporting VB as a younger person is interesting, educational and enjoyable! We have regular opportunities throughout the year for our supporters – known as VBFriends – to get to know us better and experience more of our work. Welcoming younger audience members is a really important part of this and we’d love you to join us!

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