We are so grateful for the support of all of our VBFriends.

In 2022, your support made up over 49% of our income; without it, we simply wouldn’t be able to exist. Every donation, whatever its size, enables us to make exceptional productions of Baroque music and drama open to everyone and to provide a platform for emerging artists to perform and create alongside some of the industry’s leading lights.

A heartfelt thank you to our current supporters:

John Abramson
Gill Antrobus
Ksenia Apukhtina
Helen Bach
Vassilina Bindley
Paul and Elaine Bollinghaus
Stephen Box
John and Jan Dugdale Bradley
Michael E. Bryant,
Yulia Kazantseva, and Misha
Katya Burova
Andrew Carver
Clare Coyle
Jean Davies
Ina De
Xenia Dementeva
Ruth and Martin Dunitz
Madeleine Evans
John Everett
Ekaterina Fields
Keith Fitchett & Laura Morland
Liubov Galkina
Ann Geary
Tatjana Gertik
Norman Ginsburg
Ed Goble
Yuri and Raisa Goligorsky
Evgeniya Gribova
Mikhail Gurevich
Katia Haddad
Peter Hamburger
Mariana V Haseldine
Joel Hayhow
Francois Henderson
Sveta Kashinsky
Elena and Mikhail Kroupeev
Andrey and Olga Kulikov
Nino Kuparadze
Andrew Johnson
Sarah Jones
Flavia Lagnado
Elizabeth Lethbridge
Jonathan Levy
Jeremy Lewison
Anna Lolua
Olivia Ma
Daniel Makharinsky
Kirill Makharinsky
Leonid and Olga Makharinsky
Peter McDonald
Leonid Melamed
Marina Melamed
Elizaveta Meshkvicheva
Andrew Mitchell
Mariana Molchanova
Svetlana Morozova
Sue and Rick Morrison
Natalia Moskaleva
Mark Mumford
Tatiana Nikola
Laly Nikatsadze
Ana Novichikhina
Nozomi Okuyama
Richard Ogden
Olga Pavlova
Marian and Gordon Pell
Natalia Pochekutova
Roger Press
Nadia Ragozhina
Tatiana Ryskina
Alan Sainer
Virginie Smague
Tony Stoller
Kobby Thomas
Nicholas Thomas
Olga Tomushkina
Eric Verge
Elizabeth Wager
Heather Wakefield
Terry Winwood
Dr and Mrs Anthony Welch
Christina Yoon
Boris and Yulia Zimin

Other anonymous donors

This page is updated regularly. If you can’t spot your name – or if you would prefer to support us anonymously – please contact us.

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A huge thank you to the following trusts and foundations who have so kindly chosen to support our work:

Arnold Clark Community Fund
Chance for Life Ltd.
Founders Pledge

Heart of Bucks Community Foundation
Magic Little Grant (Local Giving)
Shoresh Charitable Trust
The Golsoncott Foundation
The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
The Marchus Trust

The Nugee Foundation
The R K Charitable Trust
The Rothschild Foundation
The Tsukanov Family Foundation

We’d also like to thank UBS AG Bank and the Cristea Roberts Gallery for their generous support.

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Thank you to our volunteers, whose gifts of time and expertise are a huge support in our work:

John Abramson
Sara Kate Antrobus
Louis Balogun
Stephen Box
Peter Heaps
Henry Johnson King
Jeremy Lewison
Olga Makharinsky
Mark Mumford
Rebecca O’Neill
Heather Wakefield
Karen Welch

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