To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the publication of Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ Book 1, Vache Baroque is looking to the future by planting an orchard.

Twelve new trees – one for each note contained within an octave – will take root in the ancient grounds of the Vache and will grow as symbols of our missionto nurture a love of music in young people

We are asking for charitable donations from £2000 per tree.

Funds raised will go towards our education and outreach initiatives over the next three years. Bach wrote that the pieces in his collection were for the profit of the young and these donations will be instrumental in helping us deliver both his and Vache Baroque’s vision.

If you are at all interested in supporting this fundraising appeal, please email betty@vachebaroque.com to discuss your potential gift


Donations can be from both individuals or collectives and donors will:

become a VBFriend and enjoy all associated benefits

be invited to a private planting ceremony in early 2023 followed by a concert inside the great hall of the Vache manor with twelve pieces in keys of each note of the chromatic scale being performed by a collection of world-class singers and instrumentalists

receive a framed certificate and recording of the piece composed on their tree’s note

be sent jars of their very own tree’s jam by master conserve maker David Potter

Your name to be listed as a supporter on our Thank You page, unless you prefer to stay anonymous

Your name to be listed as a supporter in our Festival programme, unless you prefer to stay anonymous


This workshop made me feel…
“Happy and I would like to see more!”
“Happy, free, alive, wonderful”
“Free and happy”
“Happy and glad that I am here”
“Very positive”
“Relaxed and happy”
”Intense… I love your music!”

Anything else?
“I’ve never seen anything like it! Good Job!”
“The musicians and singers are really good!!”
“It was really fun!”
“It was perfect”
“The whole world should know about you!”
“I am excited for next week!”

Year 5s at Haddenham and St. Peter’s
Summer Term Workshops 2022

“It was fun, new and interesting experience –
I feel very proud for being part of the VBF choir”

“It was really fun and the people were welcoming and I have formed friendships outside of school”

Children’s Choir participants
Paradise & Pandemonium 2021

Visit our Community page to read more about our ongoing education and outreach activities.


We’d be delighted to have a conversation with you to discuss your sponsorship of a tree and donation towards our education and outreach activity.

Please email betty@vachebaroque.com to discuss further or arrange a phone call.