La descente d’Orphée aux enfers (1686) by Marc-Antoine Charpentier

An opera in two acts prefaced with sound installations and pre-show pop-up performances, including Jephte (1648) by Giacomo Carissimi 

Friday 2 & Sunday 4 September 2022

Should promises always be kept? Should we enter into pacts? Do we have the free will to make decisions, right or wrong? Contemplate these questions for the ages in two fast-paced works by masters of musical drama, with sound installations exploring how our modern choices are fatefully linked to those made by people in ancient times.

Guests were invited to arrive early to explore the grounds, experience the sound installations, and catch the pre-show pop-up performances by members of the chorus and orchestra, before watching the main opera.

We are particularly grateful to the Marchus Trust for their support of this production. Heartfelt thanks to all our VBFriends and supporters, who make our work possible.


“Sophisticated Charm”

The Stage

Even the rain gods were charmed by Orphée at Vache Baroque.”

Opera Scene

Samuel Boden Orphée
Henry Waddington Pluton
Lauren Lodge-Campbell Euridice
Naho Koizumi Daphné
Katie-Louise Dobson Enone
Lila Chrisp Arethuze/Proserpine
Alexander Chance Ixion
Lars Fischer Tantale
Jamie Woollard Apollon/Tityé

Fi Silverthorn Dancer
Kenji Matsunaga Dancer

Jonathan Darbourne Music Director
Jeanne Pansard-Besson Director
Simeon Qsyea Choreographer
Laura Jane Stanfield Designer

Louise Bakker Assistant Director
Laura Pearse Associate Designer
Josie Ireland Associate Lighting Designer
Hervé Goffings French coach

In partnership with BirdGang Ltd