A History of Sound

Calling children aged 6 – 99 and their adults…

Join us for the very first performance of our interactive show all about SOUND!

We’ll be exploring sounds on planet earth from 4.5 billion years ago right up to the time of Bach. This is a first sharing of a show that will tour to schools in 2023 and beyond.

What was the first ever rhythmic sound? The very first instrument? What IS a sound wave? What is pitch? What’s the difference between ‘sound’ and ‘music’? Musical notation – what’s that all about?!

We’ll answer all these questions and more… while making you giggle! This is NOT a lecture. As a bonus, you’ll get your very own agent number for our secret organisation and might even get to make your own vegetable pipe…

Heartfelt thanks to our VBFriends and supporters who make our work possible

Co-devised and directed by
Paul O’Mahony

Co-devised and performed by
Oskar McCarthy
Gabriella Liandu
Betty Makharinsky
Jonathan Darbourne

Lizzy Leech

Sound Designers
Jonathan Darbourne
Dan Samsa

Sound Technician
Joaquim Grant

Associate Producer
Gabrielle Court