A History of Sound

A History of Sound is our flagship education project 2023 – 2024. We have created a show, workshop & resources pack to support KS2 children and teachers on their musical journeys!



We’re excited to be taking part in this year’s Chalfont St. Giles Show!

We’re on the Main Stage at 12pm, or you can catch the Agents of Sound at the Vache Baroque stall throughout the day.

PS. we’re incredibly grateful to have recently received two further grants in support of this project, from Heart of Bucks and Chance For Life Ltd. Thank you so much!


We’re thrilled to report that our first official cohort of 120 Junior Agents from Ashmead Combined School in Aylesbury have completed their initial training. HOORAY!

We loved working with you all. Scroll down for a few snippets of feedback…

Meanwhile we are thrilled to have received a grant from the R K Charitable Trust; this will fund our work with year 5s at Godolphin Junior Academy in Slough this Autumn. Thank you!


Agents Paul and Jonny are working hard on our script, while agent Lizzy is cooking up all sorts of design magic! Meanwhile Agents Gabriella, Oskar and Betty have been out in the field recording, playing, singing, composing, and more…

We are all so excited to meet again for rehearsals and our first in-school workshops at Ashmead School in Aylesbury this Summer Term. Stay tuned for news about our Autumn Term workshops in High Wycombe, Slough and Brent.

This project is made possible through the kind support of our generous donors John and Jan Dugdale Bradley, the Rothschild Foundation, The Nugée Foundation, the R K Charitable Trust and our crowdfunder supporters. Thank you for your generosity! If you’d like to donate, it’s never too late…


If so, please get in touch! We’re keen to perform at as many schools as possible in the coming months and years. We are particularly interested in hearing from primary schools with limited or no music provision in place. Our general manager Paula would be very happy to tell you more about the format of the performance, workshop and teaching resource.


Stage two of R&D completed! What a week. Thanks to our Young Ambassadors who joined us for an invaluable brainstorming and feedback session. 


We are so grateful to the following organisations and individuals for their significant support of this project:

The Rothschild Foundation
John and Jan Dugdale Bradley
The Nugée Foundation
The R K Charitable Trust
Heart of Bucks Community Foundation
Chance for Life

… and a huge thank you to everyone that supported our Crowdfunder in January 2023:

Thomas Abrams
Sophia Akatova
Svetlana Akatova
Ksenia Apukhtina
Aleksey Avanesov
Svetlana Balagurova
Karine Baldry
Odette Chalaby
Maria Cortas
Nadia Crandall
Andrew Darbourne
Richard Darbourne
William Darbourne
Xenia Dementeva
Marianna Eidelkind
Lyuba Galkina
Tatjana Gertik
Elena Glurjidze
Raisa Goligorsky
Anna Greenburgh
Alexandra Gutnikova
Lady Mary Hatch
Mariana V Haseldine
Flora Henderson
Tamila Jmukhadze
Natalia Kantovich
Svetlana Kashinskaya
Artem Khachatryan
Arina Kissel
Lara Kobzare
Natalia Kremen
Nina Krylova
Flavia Lagnado
Elaine Mackle
Alya Makharinsky
Daniel Makharinsky
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Leonid Makharinsky
Chloe Manguian
Alexandrina Markvo
Leonid Melamed
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Aliona Muchinskaya
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Laly Nickatsadze
Natalia Nilova
Anastasia Novichikhina
Elena Novoselova
Tamara Nozadze
Anna Pankratova
Ellie Partington
Helen Payne
Marian and Gordon Pell
Irina Rozhdova
Olga Scott
Katerina Segal
Marina Seregina
Ivanna Shevlyakova
Karine Solloway
Tessa Stanley-Price
Olga Stepanenko
Mrs SEE Stuart
Kenji Takayama
Nafis Umerkulova
Olga Vishnevskaya
Elizabeth Wager
Heather Wakefield
Sam Westmacott
Misha Wilson
Terry Winwood
Yelena Zagrevskaya
Elena Zaytseva
Yara Zeitoun
Nana Zhvitiashvili

Other anonymous donors


Co-devised and directed by
Paul O’Mahony

Co-devised and performed by
Oskar McCarthy
Gabriella Liandu
Betty Makharinsky
Jonathan Darbourne

Lizzy Leech